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About Digital Soul Web Marketing

Through a combination of cutting-edge technology and performance advertising expertise, we are able to drive optimal results for our advertisers. Using all digital marketing disciplines and deliver high-quality global distribution through display, e-mail, social, mobile, video and search.

Our History

Digital Soul Web Marketing llc has 2 years of combined email marketing experience. We promote our and our partners’ products in web marketing space that guarantee the highest quality assurance standards. In 2017 we promoted only our products
and services to our subscribers by email. Starting from 2018 we also promote our partners’ products to our subscribers to help all businesses, networks, and advertisers explore their potentials and connect with a global customer-base, enabling rapid expansion, sustained growth and better economies of scale.

Our Results

Digital Soul Web Marketing llc is a developing networks company.

Our Solutions

We at Digital Soul Web Marketing llc strive to offer the best-in-business online marketing solutions to our clients across the globe. Our solutions are designed to connect brands to their consumer base through a robust web presence in their respective niche.

Our reach is never too short for our clients. We know how to reach the universe available. When we manage a universe of active opt-in verified data, we are able to target real-time, multichannel data field. This helps us expand our target pool and reach for scalable customer acquisitions.

In addition to taking care of our mailing list, we also take care of the deliverability of our data. Through our hygiene solutions, we help to increase the campaign ROI, boost inbox delivery and protect our mailing reputation.

Digital Soul Web Marketing llc understands that customizing the marketing solutions to the business is how profitable outcomes are achieved. We create and imply digital strategy that guides our business’ ideas from inception to completion. We understand that creating and digital strategy requires a comprehensive approach. We imply that approach to review every aspect of our business and current online presence. We try to follow comprehensive research and analysis to make things easier for us to retain customers and enhance customer engagement with the delivery of an email marketing plan and overriding vision.

E-mail Marketing

The most cost-effective way to reach out to your potential customers, expand your client base and generate more leads is now customized to suit your business objectives - with the help of email marketing with Digital Soul Web Marketing llc.

We explore and benefit from high-quality and budget-friendly email marketing methods. By providing a unique platform for our emails with strong CTAs, we help guide traffic data towards our or our partners websites and help convert leads into customers within the shortest course of time.

Our team always delivers comprehensive email marketing solutions. We assist our partners in reaching out to potential customers and enable effective communication between customers and a target market. We are here to do the following:

  • Build email marketing strategy
  • Launch effective and efficient email marketing campaigns
  • Ensure email deliverability, high click-through & conversion rates
  • Track all email marketing campaigns to prepare detailed reports
  • Utilize advanced campaign analytics and tools to gauge effectiveness
  • Conversion rate optimization
Develop a Strategy for Succeeding Online

Our first step for delivering email campaigns a strong ROI is to synthesize an online marketing strategy. We build a thorough understanding of our clients by immersing themselves in our company's brand, industry, and competitive landscape. This research is then used to outline a clear set of campaign guidelines and recommendations for its further success.

Drive High Quality Traffic

After strategizing our business's online campaigns, we begin driving visitors to our company's website through assorted online media. In order to achieve a strong ROI, we target our marketing efforts towards users that are most likely to be of value to our business. By targeting users searching for services that our websites offer, we can drive traffic that will be more likely to engage with our email campaigns, take a desired action, and become customers.

Increase Conversions & Customer Retention

After clicking through to our website, visitors will arrive to a user-friendly experience that encourages site interaction and conversions. Our websites design and conversion optimization services concentrate on making sure that our site traffic takes a desired action, whether it be a form submission, purchase, or some other goal.

Once a user has converted or subscribed, it is important for us to remain in contact with him. Previous customers are likely to be future ones and our online marketing services aim to keep them engaged with our business through further email campaigns and other techniques.

Marketing Strategy
  • Project Kick-Off
  • Audience Research & Data Collection
  • Analyze Goals & Objectives
  • Email Design
  • Optimization
Project Kick-Off

If you want to advertise your product by email marketing, we'll get in touch with you to identify your business goals and brand objectives while reviewing any necessary materials you provide us with. After that we will create a project campaign and send it to you to receive confirmation.

Audience Research & Data Collection

It is important to know the nature of your email recipients in order to cater towards their attitudes, culture, and expectations. We try to gather as much relevant information about our subscribers as we can from our email signup form. We only ask for information that will actually be used to segment our email campaigns, as asking for too much information can decrease our rate of email signup.

Analyze Goals & Objectives

Most recipients spend no more than a couple seconds when viewing an email. Whether supplying an informational resource or marketing a product, a single focus must be decided upon in order to grab the recipients' attention and direct them towards desired action. Too many different calls to action and pieces of unrelated content can cause users to stray from accomplishing the intended goal of an email.

Email Design

We design and structure our emails to cater towards our and our partners' goals and audience through careful placement of strong calls to action and supporting images.

The goal of an email is to trigger clicks and drive traffic to our sites and our products as well as to our partners' products. Once there, it is important to fulfill subscribers' expectations and complete the conversions with the use of a landing page that reflects elements of the email to make for a consistent user experience with the campaign as a whole.


Nobody likes to receive an email that isn’t addressing their specific wants or needs. We send relevant messages to recipients who look forward to them through use of segmentation, analytics, and past user activity. In order to make sure that the highest possible percentage of our subscribers open and click-through our email campaigns, we will find the optimal time and frequency to reach out to them to get actionable results.

All of our email campaigns take advantage of A/B testing options to measure and optimize click-through and open rates. This helps to make sure that our campaigns are created to email best practices, as well as brand-specific data that allows us to create an email that is perfectly tailored to potential customers.

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Data Hygiene Solutions

The more you know your customers, the easier and more cost-effective it becomes for you to target them with precise and compelling messages.

Our team uses our data and our own resources to observe, analyze our target market and customer behavior to develop a comprehensive customer insight. We bring a leading expertise in customizing our data to evoke the desired response from our target audience. We make sure that our business objectives, target email client base and their needs and expectations will maximize our and our partners returns.

We always try to expand our email customers base by evoking a great interest to the content and services on our online resources, we create campaigns and promotions that are specifically designed to get to all target readers.

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Target Marketing

Digital Soul Web Marketing llc recognizes the challenges and complexities involved in dealing with large volumes of data, as well as the need for efficient and fast integrated technology that produces accurate and reliable insights necessary for strategic decision making.

We try to utilize a blend of modern technologies and our own knowledge to provide expert-level email data analysis. We work in close collaboration with campaign managers and programmers to create a robust reporting program that helps us analyze the effectiveness of our email marketing campaigns.

Using this we can analyze our market and consumer trends and overall demand levels. This helps our team to prepare relevant reports and documents to achieve all business objectives.

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Data & Insights

Digital Soul Web Marketing llc recognizes the challenges and complexities involved in dealing with large volumes of data, as well as the need for efficient and fast integrated technology that produces accurate and reliable insights necessary for strategic decision making.

We have a team of qualified and experienced data analysts who utilize a blend of modern technologies and their own competence to provide expert-level data analysis services. We work in close collaboration with campaign managers and programmers to create a robust reporting program that helps them analyze the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and implement rules, procedures and guidelines for efficient data management.

With Sphere’s assistance, you can analyze market and consumer trends and overall demand levels. This will help your team prepare relevant reports and documents to achieve all business objectives - with respect to maximizing your sales and profitability figures.

In addition, we also provide consulting services that analyze and evaluate your business performance. Business performance shows us the effectiveness of data insights and marketing strategies provided by our division. One consultation with our team is all you need to achieve the desired sales or leads.

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Get In Touch

Digital Soul Web Marketing is a part of Digital Soul Web Marketing llc. We believe that getting in touch and establishing a good communication is the most important aspect of a successful marketing company. This is why we always strive to make it effortless for our partners to reach to us. We are always ready to listen to your needs and would love to talk about how we can help grow our relationship.

Digital Soul Web Marketing llc


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